JP Maurice

After 15 years of maneuvering the obstacle course of the modern-day music industry, Vancouver’s JP Maurice has finally arrived at a place of complete control and confidence in his craft. Earnest, indie-pop beginnings have evolved into a more mature, polished sound. Sweeping melodies are punctuated by JP’s powerful vocal range expressing evocative lyrics of love, loss and overcoming hardship.
Crafted over several years, JP bares to witness his deep sensibilities as a songwriter in his latest collection of music. Pressure Makes Diamonds is the 5th studio album from JP, following his alt-country rooted, rock album Boys (2018) and the moody, pop-noir smash Girls (2017). Pressure rings true with JP’s strengths as a vocalist and takes the listener on a journey from lofty, booming notes that lift JP’s voice to the rafters, to driving melodies that hint of shoegaze rooted in pop folk. Buoyant, soulful vibes resonate from songs like Runaway, and land strongly with razor-sharp, ethereal, and harmonic highs in Liquid Confidence. The album beats with anxiety, struggle, perseverance, resilience, doubt, wanderlust, and loss.

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