2017 Guest Artist


 Linda Skalenda


Colour. Drama. Nature. And more colour.

These are the things that not only influence and inspire Linda Skalenda, but also drive her with such a passion that a fresh canvas is the beginning of a new relationship.

“I get excited when I get an idea for a painting. It stirs something inside me and it feels almost like falling in love, and I have to start painting the scene right away.”

Linda is primarily a landscape painter, except for the times when an interesting cow, seal or heron captures her attention; however, her landscapes are anything but typical. Gentle, rolling hills in pastel colours are not for her.

“I need to bring out the drama of the scene. I need to capture the excitement of a weather-twisted arbutus tree growing out of the rocks and hanging precariously over the ocean surf.”

Linda captures the startling rays of light that penetrate the dense coastal rain forest; she deftly interprets the dancing red and pink waves of poppies in an overgrown field. Her eyes see colour and gradations of shadows – they create paintings in her mind’s eye that beg to be splashed across a blank canvas.

Her mediums are acrylics and oils: both for their bold colours, and oils especially because they leave the imprint of the brushstroke – a reminder of the labour of the artist. In Linda’s case, a labour of love.

Linda’s art is in collections across North America and the UK. In 2015 she was selected for the honorable position to be the resident artist with her solo gallery at the Empress Hotel in Victoria for one year. Many doors are opening for her and her incomparable, colourful, heartfelt art.




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